Youtube thumbnail downloader Script 2021

YouTube thumbnail downloader Script 2021

What is Use Of This youtube thumbnail downloader Or Grabber?

YouTube thumbnail downloader helped you to download any YouTube video images that’s images can be used in many types of works like:- if you are doing blogging, designing or you just want to share that image with your friends or work purpose.


Thumbnails are obviously executed on site pages as discrete, littler duplicates of the first picture, to some degree since one motivation behind a thumbnail picture on a website page is to decrease transfer speed and download time.Some website specialists produce thumbnails with HTML or customer side scripting that makes the client’s program contract the image, instead of utilization a littler duplicate of the picture


This software is mostly used by people with technology such as web hosting employees, they take help of this software in making the project so that their project will be good and they can easily reach their point, this software is also used by people who are HTML programmer, this gives them their favorite photo for their coding purpose.

Youtube thumbnail downloader

The youtube thumbnail downloader allows you to download any thumbnails from a youtube video.

This script was requested by TheRedstoneScientist.

Please not that this script has only been tested on a mac, it does work on Linux. I do not know if this script works on Windows (windows users please try it and tell me).

Latest update

#Latest Update – 1.3.2 Ok, there are a lot of small changes here. First of all I added file support, IDK if it works really well but it should. You can now give a link to a html page on your computer. Another addition is the support of /s (“/”) videos which had a / in their name would not save because / is a character used for directory changes in computer “language”. So “/”s are now replaced by “|”, which are very similar and don’t cause any problems!

Big update

#BIG Update – 1.2 New update! Hooray! This update will change the file’s name from ytid.jpg to nameofvideo.jpg fo example, this file: GI9t7Qj_azI.jpg will instead be called Heads | Only one command vanilla mod.jpg

Note that all names will have underscores instead of spaces and the ‘ and other special characters will be replaced by a weird code. Also, if the script get stucks on a certain file, you may have to start the process again as the script crashed, restarting (the script) will usually fix the problem.

How to use

How to use it First of all in your terminal type chmod a+x, add a space, do not press enter yet, drag and drop the script to your terminal, now press enter. Launch the script by double clicking it or opening it from the terminal. The script will ask you wether you want to download from a video or a playlist

If you want only one video: type “video” then copy the link to the video and paste it in the terminal

If you want to download the thumbnail of all the videos in a playlist from youtube thumbnail downloader: type “playlist” copy the link of the playlist (note do not copy the link of a video that’s in the playlist, to be sure that it’s the right link, make sure the link starts like that: Paste it in the terminal, you will see the id of the video that’s currently being downloaded and the progress (It should look like that: Downloading link [4/10]).

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