10 Popular Free YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

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YouTube thumbnails can be needed for download for different reasons ranging from confidential to professional. Some thumbnails are very engaging, and users might like to download YouTube thumbnails to utilize as wallpaper or as inspiration. Whereas other times, thumbnails are needed to be added to blogs.

In either case, you can get help from a YouTube thumbnail downloader that can save your day. As the name indicates, a YouTube thumbnail saver can let you keep any thumbnail you like, and sometimes you can also custom choose the quality. For your ease, we have rounded up the most suitable tools to download YouTube thumbnails.

Before you download anything on the internet for your use, it’s necessary to find out if it’s copyrighted first. That moves for YouTube thumbnails, as well. 

The good news is there’s little probability of getting hit with a copyright claim over producing a thumbnail design. Thumbnail designs are so familiar that it would be almost unthinkable for a creator to claim that they were the first originator of it. 

However, you should avoid utilizing the original thumbnail creator’s images of themselves, screenshots of their video, or any logos that they may have included in the thumbnail you like to copy. If, by any case, they copyrighted any of those pictures, you could get hit with a copyright claim for utilizing them. That would be awful for your account!

To bypass that scenario, we suggest you simply replace those visible elements with your own.

2 Ways To Download YouTube Thumbnails

As we said at the drop, there isn’t a native way to download a thumbnail from a video on the YouTube platform. The thumbnail URL is a portion of the hidden metadata that represents a video to the algorithm, telling the public can’t see it.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get YouTube thumbnails to copy and recreate for your channel! You just have to utilize alternative download techniques.

Here Are Two Methods To Download YouTube Thumbnails.

  • Utilize a YouTube video thumbnail downloader (also named a YouTube thumbnail grabber or a YouTube thumbnail saver)
  • Use this custom URL:  http://img.youtube.com/vi/[place YouTube video ID here]/maxresdefault.jpg 
Download YouTube Thumbnails with custom URL

Some YouTube thumbnail downloaders need a YouTube video ID rather than the URL. If that’s the point, or if you’re utilizing the custom URL process, you can find the ID in the URL following v=.

1. ThumbnailSave

As a free YouTube thumbnail downloader, ThumbnailSave is continually used by people. It allows users to download YouTube thumbnails without any annoyance. There are a combination of resolutions available, and you can select the quality you like, ranging from HD to 360p. The easy interface of this downloader further makes it a perfect tool. All you have to do is enter the URL link and click Save As after the thumbnail is loaded. Also, this universal YouTube thumbnail downloader operates on almost every kind of device. Whether you are operating a desktop PC or an iPhone, ThumbnailSave is consistent with all.

2. YouTube Thumbnail Grabber

Still, consuming hours trying to get that excellent thumbnail image for your YouTube videos? Well, stress no more! With the new YouTube Thumbnail Grabber, you can now download high-quality thumbnail pictures for all your videos in simply a few clicks.

This unique application allows you to download thumbnail images of any quality, just by pasting the URL of the video in the input field. Whether you need a low-resolution photo for your blog posts or a high-resolution photo for your marketing materials, this application has you covered.

3. Youthumbnail.com

YouThumbnail, also known as YT YouTube thumbnail downloader, is a powerful tool that lets users to quickly download YouTube thumbnails free of cost. It needs no installation. Three additional sizes, namely medium, small, and HD, are unrestricted for download. By clicking on the preferred quality, you can quickly and safely download YouTube thumbnails. Also, there is no limitation to the number of downloads. Better yet, there are numerous languages available. So, a mixed population can utilize this online YouTube thumbnail saver with incredible ease.

4. YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Looking for a method to download the thumbnail images of your favored YouTube videos? Look no further than the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader! This free website lets you get thumbnail pictures from any YouTube video in Full HD (1080), HD (720), SD, or small size. Whether you need a thumbnail image for a representation or animation project, this website has you covered.

Utilizing the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is straightforward: simply copy the URL of the YouTube video you like to download from and click “Download.” You can even decide to download numerous thumbnails at once. So why wait? Try the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader today!

5. YouTube-thumbnails.com

As a free and open-for-all YouTube thumbnail saver, this one allows users to get the thumbnail of their preference in the quality of their choice. Utilizing this YouTube thumbnail downloader won’t cost a penny, no matter how many thumbnails are downloaded. It also has a very easy user interface. Just enter the YouTube video link and press Find. The grades of the thumbnail supported by this tool are MQ 320×180, HQ 480×360, SD 640×480, and HD 1280×720 , and will be almost immediately shown. Click on the quality you expect to save locally, and your download will start instantly.

6. YouTube Thumbnail Image

Presenting the YouTube Thumbnail Image! This is the perfect tool for those who like to download high-quality thumbnails of YouTube videos with comfort. With four various dimensions to select from (MQ 320×180, HQ 480×360, SD 640×480 and HD 1920×1080), you can find the excellent thumbnail for your needs.

Plus, the easy three-step process makes downloading a breeze: just copy the video URL, paste it into the text field on our website, and click search. Then, just select your desired quality and download. So why wait? Get begun today and make your YouTube videos look their best!

7. BoingBoing

BoingBoing is also a free and very easy-to-use YouTube thumbnail saver. All you have to do is paste the URL you copied, and this YouTube thumbnail downloader will take care of the remains. There is no button to press to begin the procedure. The thumbnails are almost immediately loaded. However, BoingBoing shows a lot of annoying ads. Furthermore, the various qualities that are shown don’t mention the size, and you will have to press and hold the image to download. All in all, this YouTube thumbnail saver is worth your time and effort as it is fast at what it does.

8. FbTube.com

If you’re looking for a quick and straightforward method to grab all the available thumbnails for a YouTube video, then FbTube.com is the tool for you. Simply enter the URL for the video into the text box and click “generate.” Within seconds, you’ll have passed to all of the thumbnail images for that video, done with size and resolution details. And if you like to download a certain thumbnail, simply click the “download” button. It’s that simple!

9. Get YouTube Thumbnail

Get YouTube Thumbnail is a very easy tool to download YouTube thumbnail. It comes with no extra components. But, it is widely utilized because it is a very straight YouTube thumbnail downloader. It doesn’t even show intrusive ads or pop-ups. But, the downside is that the quality options are restricted. There are only 2 qualities available for download, and no size is noted on them. To download the YouTube thumbnail, you will have to right-click and open the picture URL created and then save it in the next tab.

10. Veed.io Thumbnail Downloader

If you require to download a thumbnail from a YouTube video, then the Veed.io Thumbnail Downloader is the ideal solution. Just copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video into our tool, and it will show the video’s thumbnail which you can download.

The tool operates in your browser, so there’s no requirement to download any software, and it’s straightforward to use. Plus, it’s 100% free! Having a great thumbnail is essential for increasing the click-through rate of your video. So if you like to make sure your video stands out, be certain to check out our thumbnail downloader. 

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