Top 5 Best And Successful Chatbots of 2021

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Chatbots failure stories continue to get more visibility as well. From Microsoft to Communist Party of China, we have listed examples showing that no one is immune to suffering from Chatbots failures. However, success stories are rare and ambitious conversational interface designers need to study them because for every hundreds of failures, there is only a few success stories.

1. HelloFresh’s Freddy

HelloFresh tackles the ubiquitous question, “What should we eat for dinner?” both through their meal delivery service and Chatbots.

Freddy Freshbot is a Facebook Messenger chatbot 2021 that helps customers with their recipe and ordering needs. If users type in a dish or ingredient, Freddy searches for relevant recipes on the HelloFresh blog . When it’s time to pick new meals, Freddy sends a reminder.

The friendly bot even keeps users engaged with food-themed quizzes.

2. Capital One’s Eno

Capital One sought to improve relationships with its banking customers, and its mobile app Eno was born. The friendly banking Chatbots helps keep customers alert about suspicious transactions, duplicate charges and unusually high spending.

Customers can text Eno 24/7 via website, mobile app or SMS to check their bank balance and recent transactions or to report any card trouble.

Eno will even send alerts when a customer is charged more than usual for a bill.

3. World Health Organization’s WHO Health Alert

Misinformation tends to spread during a crisis. While the coronavirus continues to permeate the world, and the population remains stuck indoors, plenty of people are seeking help and answers online.

The World Health Organization is helping people stay healthy and informed with their new WHO Health Alert chatbot 2021. The WhatsApp-exclusive bot is designed to give fast, reliable information about the coronavirus.

Using keyword and emoji commands, users can select from several topic options to learn more about the virus and its effect.

4. OMQ Chatbot

The OMQ chatbot is a pre-built conversational AI solution for businesses. Built in 2019, the chatbot is designed to relieve workloads for customer service agents across industries.

Used by major companies such as EMP and Baby Walz , the fast, efficient chatbot solution works right out-of-the-box.

5. Amtrak’s Julie

Amtrak created Julie to improve their online self-service for their 375,000+ daily site visitors. Julie can answer questions and help with transactions so customers don’t need to call or email an agent.

Developed by Next IT , chatbot Julie is Amtrak’s newest customer-friendly innovation to follow-up their successful voice service assistant .

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