Social Media Influencers In India

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Who is Social Media Influencers?

Social Media Influencers is the mainstream, influential person in social media networks, who promote products and services of a brand. You can also define social media influencer as a person who works in a certain industry and collaborate with followers in it. It is also an individual who is able to impact the individual’s purchases because of his authority or relationship with target customers. He can have his own blog with a reliable audience or a social media account, providing specific content interesting for his subscribers.

The goal of each business is to attract experts to the promotion of their products.
Studies show that you can gain $6.5 for each dollar invested in social media marketing activities online. Instagram remains the most effective platform for reaching social influencer – 87.1% of them named it the main platform for their posts.

Social Media Influencers definition goes beyond the number of followers he can attract to your social media network or website. Really crucial for your brand is his ability to build engagement across with your core audience and strengthen it day-by-day.

5 Best Social Media Influencers In India

1. Aashna Shroff

This girl is from Mumbai, Makeup and beauty are some things which you could recognize in one sentence after you go throw her blog. Either it is makeup tips or fashion trends, she defines everything so perfectly in her blog she is a social influencer .Once she becomes popular she started up with her own blog with the same name and started providing beauty and makeup tips. She has 430k Instagram followers.

2.Pooja Mundhra

She is an Interior designer and social influencer, and blogger. She has a WordPress site called The Cozy Vibe where she features fashion and travel content. Her Instagram account has followers around 227020. Pooja completed her diploma in interior design from Nirmala Niketan Polytechnic in 2015.

  • You can follow her on Insta and know more about her.
  • She handles her Instagram by the name thecozyvibe.
3.Amit Agarwal

He is an IIT graduate who decided you quit his cooperate job to become a full-time professional blogger. Amit started his journey in the year 2004. He is known as the first priority blogger in India.

  • His posts are basically focused on based technology.
  • He gives tips and tricks related to Google, WordPress, Apple, etc.
  • You can follow him and avail great knowledge.
4. Sejal Kumar

She leaves a little shimmer wherever she goes, she is a plethora of style brimming up with adoration and life. She is so much loaded social influencer and have guts to accomplish longer and better every next time. Her Instagram profile contains a plethora of lifestyle you can follow. She has 445k followers on Instagram.

5. Rishabh Kohli

 Rishabh Kohli social influencer the specialty of storytelling and composing are not lost on twenty to thirty-years-olds; it has become more extensive with the appearance of new innovations and applications. Rishabh Kohli idealizes in that. His Instagram profile @thenegativewordss forces everyone to go through the world of fond memories and value adolescence. He has 371k Instagram followers.

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