Best Comments for Couple

Comments for Couple

Are you peeking at your friend’s picture with their partner on Instagram and wondering about the perfect comment to post? How do you praise someone in a relationship? Of course, you can let it come directly from your heart and post in-depth words with excellent meaning that would most likely extend the relationship.

But after replying and commenting on multiple posts, there isn’t anything to float down. Fortunately, you have a pack of nice words to say to the couple. You will probably find the best compliment for a couple’s pic that makes great sense.

Let them feel unique and appreciated, so make sure your comments for couples contribute to their posts morally.  

Comments For A Couple’s Vacation Snaps:

  • You two were mermaids for each other.
  • I love seeing you two together.
  • You two are a romance novel and travel booklet all rolled into one.
  • Oh, the places you two will go and take the cutest pictures at.
  • I love that you’ve found your excellent travel partner.
  • Your life together is like the most adventurous rom-com.

Comments for Stunning Couples on Facebook

  • How beautiful! You both look GREAT together. 
  • That’s what you called an ‘Ideal’ match. 
  • Seems like you both are made for each other. 
  • What a match!
  • So good to see you both.
  • Beautiful couple. 
  • Just love to see you two together. 
  • Lots of love for you, two.
  • Great to know that you’ve found your perfect partner.
  • Feeling so pleased for you both.
  • My favorite couple ever.
  • A glass of wine, just because of you two. 
  • Best wishes for a new journey. 
  • Your love motivates me even more. 
  • Cute couples.
  • You both look best for each other.
  • Even though I’m not a lyricist, I’ll write a poem for you two. 
  • You both look so good together.
  • TRUE LOVE is the first thing that comes to mind when I see your pic.
  • You both look so perfect for one another.

Comments For Anniversary Posts:

  • Congratulations on another year of being my favorite couple ever.
  • You two make me feel in happily ever after.
  • Has it been this long? I think time flies when you’re both so cute and in love.
  • I’m going to drink a glass of bubbly in honor of you two.
  • I knew today was a pleasing day. Wishing you another year of love and happiness.

Each chapter of your love life is my favorite to watch unfold. Can’t wait for the next one.

Funny Comments on Couple Pic

  • Brace yourself, another ‘partner-in-crime status’ coming up. 
  • You both are weird but still looking cute together, that’s strange. 
  • Okay, that’s what you’re hiding from us. Well done!
  • Still, confusing, how come you guys partner up with each other? 
  • I knew it way before it existed. Congrats to both of you, btw.  
  • So you both chose to teach each other a lesson this way, That’s great.
  • You’re both getting married. And here I can’t even choose what to do with my life. 
  • I’m sure even you both haven’t figured out what brings you here.
  • First, she robbed your heart and then your surname. Be careful, brother!
  • So this is the person for whom you have clashed with me. Cool. 
  • Nothing exciting for me, just a weird couple who smiles for no reason. 
  • I think now you don’t require a teddy bear anymore. Can I have it?
  • Seems like you both are ready to irritate each other for life, Aren’t you!
  • How can you still be in a relationship? All I heard about you two are, you were in just a long-distance relationship and nothing else. 
  • I may look envious but actually, I’m in shock seeing you with each other. 
  • May God bless you two with the strength and tolerance to tolerate each other for life. 
  • So now you can say that she’s officially yours. Good job!
  • A love story is over now. Here comes a real-life disaster. All the best, you two!
  • Hope one of you learns how to cook. Happy married life by the way.
  • From fighting for fries to destroying the world together you guys did it.
  • Make path for the new couple in the house.
  • From fantasy to reality, you guys proved love is real.
  • The perfect example of what pure love looks like.
  • I’m sure your relationship is an inspiration to many out there. 
  • Enjoy life. You two are making each other’s world better. 
  • You two are a power couple. Such a perfect duo.


Whether to praise couples face to face or comment on their photos on social media, your commendations and comments have to be special.

If you’re linked with them and sharing a great bond, then you can get creative with your compliments, too. Share your best comments for couples that make them feel unique, of course.

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