Amazon Affiliate Earnings

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How much you can expect with Amazon Affiliates?

You can make from $100 to $25000 from an Amazon affiliate website. However, it won’t be wise to answer this in just one sentence. To calculate Amazon Affiliate Earnings you have to take several variables into accounts.

  • The amount of traffic a website can expect
  • The number of visitors who will click on the affiliate links
  • Guess, how many people can be the real buyers
  • Also, imagine the average price they may spend
  • And, what could be the commission rate

Let’s assume your main keyword has 20k monthly searches while the estimated long-tail searches are 10k and you have got an average of 2 in SERP position. From the total of 30k visitors, you’d get 3750 visitors (assuming 13% CTR as your position on the real top).

If 40% of visitors follow your affiliate links then 1500 traffic will visit Amazon from your site. And, if 5% of the total visitors convert then you’re going to get 75 actual buyers. Now, think they bought products which have an average price of $75. So, your monthly income would be $365.63 from that specific keyword.

You see, the income varies in a wide range of possibilities. First of all, the niche itself is the most significant player in the total calculation. If it’s highly competitive and you’re starting off then it would be difficult to reach the destination.

Quick And Simple Ways To Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Target “Buying” Keywords

When people shop online, they go through a process of general queries to more specific queries. You want to target phrases that people are searching for when they are closer to that buying stage.

For example, let’s say you have a site about sleeping bags. Instead of targeting phrases that are more general like, “sleeping bags” or “what is a sleeping bag”, you should target phrases where you know people are likely shopping…such as “best sleeping bags” or “sleeping bags under $100”.

These searchers are clearly looking for more information in order to make a purchase decision. You will get a much higher conversion rate (commissions!) when you get this kind of traffic on your site.

Another great buying keyword is one that compares one product to another.  

Target Long Tail Keywords Even With Low Search Volume

Yes, this is similar to the first point for Amazon Affiliate Earnings ; however, it’s important to take this one step further. Don’t just stop at “best sleeping bags” or “sleeping bag reviews”! You should target phrases that are even longer tailed, which could mean going after keywords with very low search volume.  I do that here on Niche Pursuits and every blog or website I’ve built.

That’s okay! Even though you may get less traffic per article/keyword, these are HIGH conversion type keywords.

For example, we could be targeting “best sleeping bags under $100” or “cheap sleeping bags for toddlers”. These are some excellent long tail phrases that people would be using that are close to a buying decisions.

Produce Quality Content

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that if you produce great content for your niche site, not only will you rank better in Google, but more people will actually buy from you.

This is an entire process in and of itself. Luckily, Perrin has written a few ideas on creating content that engages and converts right here.

A big part of creating “great” content is just understanding what your audience is really looking for and meeting those needs. Some of this can be done through highly targeted content and research; but part of it also just comes with seeing what your competitors are doing and deciding what you can do better.

Affiliate Link To Images

A simple but often overlooked tactic to improve you Amazon affiliate sales is to link to Amazon using all the images in your post.

When people are reading your product review articles, they will very often click on the image. If the image link simply pulls up the image file on your site, that’s potentially one less visitor you could have sent to Amazon.

However, if your image is actually an Amazon affiliate link, you increase the chances that more people will end up on Amazon looking for products to buy. The more clicks you send to Amazon, the more buyers you will end up with.

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