Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards: Tips and Tricks

Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon.com Gift Cards (“GCs”) – the gift of complete freedom, provided electronically. GCs never pass and can be redeemed towards millions of things on Amazon, and sure of its affiliated websites. Whether you are examining for books, music, electronics, computers, or software – you’ll discover it here. Are you peeking for a gift for your spouse or your parents? Amazon has you covered! Amazon.com is the place to find and discover almost anything you like to buy online at a great price. Find an amazing gift for anyone and ship it to them fast.

How can I obtain my gift card?

To obtain your free Amazon Gift Card code, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, reply a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete offers and quickly save your points for a gift card that will be electronically delivered. 

What can I do with my gift card?

Shop on Amazon and make use of your free Amazon Gift Card on a broad range of brands of clothing, home, health and beauty products, toys, shoes, garden, tools, grocery items, automotive, and all things electronic. Just log on to Amazon.com and redeem your gift card using the claim code and your account will automatically save the balance for future investments. No requirement to re-enter the code at the end of your investment. It will immediately be added as a credit to your Amazon.com account.

Below is the list of methods to win free gift cards:

1. Amazon Trade-In

Why not shift your “trash” into treasure? Dispatch streaming media players tablets, e-readers, smart home devices, and more to the Amazon Trade-In program. You’ll get Amazon gift cards in retrieval, as we describe in “12 Retailers That Want To Buy Your Clutter.”

It’s a wonderful way to clear out space in your home.

2. FreeCash

FreeCash is another honest app that pays you to take surveys, play games, and trial apps and services, with solid studies from TrustPilot users. It shows info about how many coins you can make for each task upfront and helps you smoothly scroll through available offers.

You can also check out the leaderboard to notice what the daily and monthly chief earners have made on the app. There are several methods to cash out, including Amazon gift cards. Once you earn $5, you can withdraw it as an Amazon gift card.

According to FreeCash, the average user makes around $21.50 per month, so you should be capable to start cashing in on Amazon gift cards fast. While survey sites alone won’t make you rich, FreeCash has higher payouts than some of the competition, and it’s a delight, free method to make some money in your spare time.

3. Miles App

The Miles app is a novel method to win free Amazon gift cards. By operating in the background on your phone, it follows your movements, collecting points effortlessly. This ‘set and forget’ feature makes it an effortless way to earn gift cards.

Moreover, making cash with this app is clear. The points you gather can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards or other prizes. It’s an efficient way to get a free gift card code without much effort, especially on certain occasions.

Additionally, the app often surprises users with direct free money offers. Particularly during holidays, you can make gift cards directly within the app. It’s a rewarding experience for those examining to earn extra without extra work.

4. Survey Junkie

If you just can’t get sufficiently of taking surveys, Survey Junkie is a method to earn Amazon gift cards for sharing your views. You can also cash out through PayPal or for other gift cards to retailers including Target, Walmart, and Starbucks.

You can cash out for a $5 gift card at 500 points.

 5. Swagbucks

Just for signing up, you’ll earn a $20 bonus! With Swagbucks, you also gain reward points for watching videos, doing paid surveys, performing web searches,  playing video games, shopping online,etc, etc. You can then trade in those points for a free gift card.

Let Swagbucks enable you put cash (or an Amazon.com gift card) back in your wallet. These daily reward sites won’t make you wealthy, but every little bit counts. When Prime Day rolls around you’ll have a few extra bucks to put toward your Amazon buy.

Swagbucks is 100% free to sign up and operate, eligible for anyone who is 13 years of age or older.

6. Eureka

Eureka, a survey app, suggests an engaging way to get free Amazon gift cards. By finishing surveys, you can earn rewards quickly, with a $10 payout threshold. This process is akin to popular survey sites, making it a lucrative option for survey lovers.

Moreover, transitioning from survey completion to rewards this stands out with its high-value surveys. This feature ensures that reaching the minimum payout amount is both possible and convenient. It’s a process that mirrors the effectiveness of top online survey platforms.

7. Amazon giveaways

You may discover Amazon gives out gift cards and credits to its store every now and then if you keep an eye out.

This summer, for example, the company maintained a newsletter sweepstakes with $5 gift cards as prizes. And on occasions such as Prime Day or Mother’s Day, the site often offers a value where purchasing a $50 Amazon gift card rewards you with an extra $5 in Amazon credit.

8. KashKick

KashKick is another legitimate platform that pays users to complete tasks online. While it technically doesn’t offer Amazon gift cards, you can get paid with PayPal cash in which you can transfer to your bank to then buy items on Amazon.

Once you sign up for KashKick, you can select from a variety of offers, like watching videos,playing games, trying new apps, shopping online,  and taking surveys.

There are no points to keep up with, just dollars. Once you’ve earned $10, you can cash out.

9. Feature Points

Feature Points provides a unique possibility to gain free Amazon gift cards. You can efficiently accumulate rewards by employing in activities like watching videos and completing surveys. This platform is excellent for those who enjoy such tasks and seek regular incomes.

Additionally, the low cash-out threshold is a wonderful aspect of Feature Points. Beginning at just $2 for Amazon gift cards, it presents a quick and convenient way to convert your online activities into actual rewards. Excellent for frequent users aiming to earn small amounts consistently.

Lastly, this stands out as a universal platform for gaining free Amazon gift cards. Whether it’s through participating in offers or utilizing Survey Junkie, the options are diverse. This accessibility makes it an appealing choice for anyone looking to leverage their online time into valuable rewards.

10. Swagbucks

Shop online, fill out surveys, watch videos — these are all specialties you can do through Swagbucks to earn points. Accumulate enough points, known as “SBs,” and you can redeem them for free gift cards, including Amazon gift cards.

Your choices currently range from a $1 Amazon gift card, for which you’ll require 110 SBs, to a $500 Amazon gift card, for which you’ll need 50,000 SBs.

11. Zogo

Zogo, an ingenious app centered on financial learning, rewards you with points, aptly named ‘pineapples.’ These pineapples are more than only digital currency; they’re your ticket to Amazon gift cards just by expanding your financial knowledge. However, it’s worth noting that the road to gaining these gift cards has become more arduous. It now needs you to delve deeper into financial topics, ensuring a richer learning experience. Moreover, there’s an added layer of protection: identity verification, heightening the app’s credibility.


With these top-proven methods, you now have a complete list of ways to earn free Amazon gift cards.

Remember to select methods that align with your preferences and interests. It’s critical to stay vigilant and only use honest platforms and methods to ensure your efforts are rewarded.

Remember, getting free Amazon gift cards requires dedication and consistent effort. Select the methods that align with your interests and start earning today!

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