Can visitors visit Google headquarters: Googleplex

Can visitors visit Google headquarters: Googleplex

Every one of us uses Google to search for our projects and assignments. If we want to learn about the Most Awaited Movies, serials, books, and trends, we seek help from Google. If we are looking for Wedding Trends, we ask Google anything we want to know. It has made our lives easier by delivering us knowledge with ease. I do not reject the value of libraries and books. Still, Google has made it more comfortable for us to get access to libraries and Books too. These things make us curious to Visit the Google Headquarters office to learn how Google provides all these things to us.

Have You Ever Thought About How Would Be The Life Beyond The Walls?

Today we have decided to arrange a tour of Google’s headquarters office for you. In this article, you’ll know everything you wanted to understand about Google’s office, and how you can get access there.

Also, we have some fascinating facts about Google, which you mightn’t know. So keep reading till the end to discover what you didn’t know. Let’s start our tour.

Where Is Google’s HQ Office?

Google’s headquarters office is situated in Mountain View, California. Google has better than 50 offices in around 50 countries. We’ll visit the California headquarters.

Does Google Offer Any Google Tour?

Google’s HQ offices are available to the public, and walking around the grounds is an enjoyable approach to putting in a pair of hours. And it’s a fact that there are no official visits. The vast majority of the offices are just open to workers. Instead, you may visit diverse areas if any Google employee takes you there.

Can You Walk Around The Google Campus?

Can You Walk Around The Google Campus?

If you want to visit the office, you must search for your contacts and find out who can take you there. It’s the first step.

  • Be well mannered
  • Ask an employee to take you there during their work hours.
  • Be as calm and watchful as conceivable to refrain from diverting representatives during their workday.
  • If you wish to take pictures, request consent first.

Visit The Google Visitor Center

The Google Visitor Center is an exhibition hall that grandstands Google’s history. Access to this piece of social and chronicled old rarities is confined to workers and their visitors. Ask your friend to arrange a visit for you through the building, which will give you an informative outline of how the organization has been created throughout the years.

Explore The Grounds By Walking

While most Google areas are prohibited to non-workers, you can undoubtedly explore the outside of Google’s central station without any inconvenience. Be prepared, you’ll have to walk a great deal, as the ground is vast, and it extends over more than twelve sections of land. Multiple signboards help you get to the selected location. You may get advice from there to understand where you have come from and where you are heading.

Pro-tip for first-time visitors

Wear comfortable shoes; otherwise, you won’t be able to visit the grounds without harming your feet.

Facilities And Attractions At Googleplex

The complex is a sprawling one and covers a large area. The buildings are not high-rise and are of relatively low height.

Inside can be trippy and the lobby boasts a piano and a projection of current live Google search queries. One can find a dinosaur skeleton there and a replica of SpaceShipOne. The purpose of the T-Rex skeleton (with twirling flamingos) is a reminder to its employees (called Googlers) to stay relevant and not evolve dinosaurs.

Built with an eye to a more relaxed vision of the workspace, Googleplex offers free laundry rooms, two small swimming pools, volleyball courts, and eighteen cafeterias.

  • T-Rex Skeleton: On Show In Googleplex – The Main Building
  • Cafeterias: Eighteen Cafeterias With Diverse Menus
  • Employee Facilities: Include Access To Fitness Classes, Massages, A 24/7 Gym, An On-Site Doctor, Dry-Cleaning Facilities, Cafeterias

Around 3 miles or 5 kilometers away from the main Googleplex headquarters is another large campus called “The Quad”. It is located in Mountain View at 399 N Whisman Road.

Visiting Google’s Googleplex

Unfortunately, the buildings are not open to the public. Visiting the complex, one will find it to be more of a campus than an office building. Google doesn’t run tours as such.

To get from one side of the campus to the other, Google supplies its employees with free colorful “G Bikes.”

Attractions and Instagramming spots have a sculpture garden featuring various Android statues, one per version of Android. The Android statues are all named after sweets and candies – there’s a cupcake, donut, ice-cream sandwich, KitKat, gingerbread, and honeycomb.

  • Android Statues: One Of The Main Instagramming Attractions at Googleplex

In 2018 Google was pushing forward with plans to expand and build massive new buildings that would include more than 10,000 square feet of publicly available areas. Those areas include retail space, cafes, or other amenities located in the middle of the building.

There was a retail store called Google Merchandise Store located at 1981 Landings Drive, but that closed. Instead, one can shop online.

Another Silicon Valley tech giant to visit is Apple’s, Apple Park. While the major building and campus are locked to the public, they do have a visitor center with a cafe. There are not really any specific Googleplex tours, but if one would like a tour of Silicon Valley in general, there are options for that.

Silicon Valley: Self-Driven Audio Tour for Technology Lovers is a tour that enables one to discover the current world’s birthplace on a self-driven tour in Silicon Valley. One will see the headquarters of tech giants like Facebook and Amazon, and explore tech headquarters open to visitors, like Google’s Googleplex.

Are There Googleplex Tours and a Google Visitor Center?

Are There Googleplex Tours and a Google Visitor Center?

Previously it was possible to explore the visitor center with an attendant. People needed to contact the Google Public Affairs team in advance to set an escort, but Google seems to have discontinued that now.

The Google Visitor Center was a wonderful way to learn about the past of Google and see some of its early products. The visitor center was set up more as a museum complete with a replica of the original Google search engine. The entrance ticket was $17.50 and offers a behind-the-scenes tour into some of the buildings of the complex – including Googleplex.

However, as of 2023, it seems that the Google Visitor Center is always closed and Googleplex tours are no longer offered.

Still, people can visit Googleplex and see the 100 buildings in its sprawling campus at Mountain View and Sunnyvale. Inspect the Google Merchandise Store at 1674 N Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA, and buy shirts, hats, cups, and other Google, YouTube, and Android branded merchandise.

Visitors are still able to wander around the campus and see Stand the T-Rex, ride colorful bikes, etc. Take the time to snap some Instagram photos with the Android lawn statues. After seeing Silicon Valley, take the time to visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

The Google Headquarters Office Has “Napping-Pods” For Its Employees

Ask as to whether you can see one of the “nap-pods” dispersed across Googleplex structures. Google is one of the most suitable Organizations you’ll need to work for in 2020. They consist of comfortable, leaning-back seats, where a worker can work comfortably and sleep without getting disturbed. They may set a timer so that they may wake up and set to work.

Some Interesting Facts About Google Office

  • Googlers have their colony for bees from where they can harvest honey.
  • Google has relaxation and massage rooms,
  • There are treadmills.
  • Dance rooms and swimming pools. Isn’t that cool?
  • A Ball pit. Yes, just like one for kids in their recreation areas, it is for Google employees to relax and enjoy their work.
  • They have kegs and bars.

What Are Google Employees Called?

We often call the workers, but we may call Google employees Googlers. New employees as Googlers.

How Is The Work Culture Of Google?

Google’s work Culture is flexible. Employees are permitted to work when they like and how they want. Google also prizes creativity, actively encouraging employees to innovate.


No doubt, Google is always at its best when it comes to delivering authentic information from all around the globe. So the thought comes into our mind why don’t we arrange a virtual tour of the Google headquarters office for our readers? So, they can know what is happening inside one of the best companies in the world.

I hope you will like this little effort from our side, don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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