Top 5 BEST Bulk Email provider in 2021

Top 5 BEST Bulk Email provider in 2021

Mass/Bulk Email provider are used to send emails in very large quantities at discounted prices. These services help you to track issues that can impact your email delivery. The emails can be sent by the SMTP protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), or can be invoked via API or web interfaces

1) Elastic Email

Elastic Email Bulk Email providers is a full-service platform for email marketing. This tool automatically helps you to avoid duplicate addresses. It has an advanced algorithm that allows you to find invalid emails.


  • It enables you to schedule numerous campaigns with various settings according to send time, scheduling, and more.
  • This tool provides detailed statistics.
  • You can scale to more than 100 million emails per month.
  • It has a drag and drops editor to modify the template quickly.
  • You can easily connect and via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) API.


Sendgrid is a Bulk Email provider and email marketing tool that provides modern workflows and automation facilities. You can send your automated mail just using a simple trigger. It helps you to select email using HTML and drag and drop editing facilities.


  • You can manage scheduling, recipients, testing, and content from one platform.
  • It provides actionable real-time analytics.
  • This software enables you to collaborate with other people.
  • You can add contacts via CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file.
  • It enables you to send emails securely using custom domains and dedicated IPs.

 3.Amazon SES(Bulk Email provider)

Amazon SES is a cloud-based email sending service designed to send bulk emails from Bulk Email provider. You can integrate it directly into your existing applications. You can keep customers updated by sending automated emails from this tool.


  • You can send a highly personalized message to the customer.
  • It enables you to monitor a number of send and delivered messages.
  • This tool has a dashboard that helps you to track issues that can impact your email delivery.
  • You can accept or reject mail depends on the IP address, domain, or email address of the sender.
  • Provides various methods of sending emails, including SMTP and console, and SES API.
  • You can integrate this tool with other AWS services, including AWS IAM.


Postmastery is email delivery analytics Bulk Email provider and monitoring tool. It performs delivery data from both SMTP providers as well as on the permission mail server. This tool offers a set of conditions and rules that trigger the actions you want to automate.


  • This tool provides a report from internal and external data sources.
  • You can detect anomalies, find bad actors, and determine corrective actions.
  • Postmastery helps you to assess email delivery.
  • You can add eye-catching forms in your email.

5. Sendinblue

Sendinblue Bulk Email provider is a SaaS solution for email marketing automation. It helps you to manage your customer using your current CRM. You can use this tool to set up the design, engagement, and delivery of transactional messages.


  • You can launch Facebook add from the Sendinblue account.
  • It enables you to build your own custom landing pages.
  • This tool helps you to automate your marketing messages.
  • It provides detail statistics of your mails.
  • Sendinblue allows you to connect numerous plugins, like WordPress and Magento.

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