How to promote a YouTube channel from scratch

youtube promotion

Starting your own channel in 2023 is a great idea because there you can monetize your activities and make money online. However, in order to achieve this, you need to competently develop and promote your account.

Today we will talk about how to do it. Now you will learn why the preparatory stage is important and make sure that you need to buy real YouTube subscribers immediately after the publication of the first couple of videos.

Strategy development

Every creator understands that he needs to create quality content. But even if you try and do something unique and cool, it may not work for your audience simply because they are interested in something else. In order to understand the people’s interests, you need to carefully work out all the stages of the strategy.

First, answer the question — why did you start your activity on YouTube? Someone works in order to share useful information with their viewers, someone just wants to earn money, and someone is trying to increase sales to their business in this way.

Secondly, look at what you are doing from the perspective of the viewer and try to understand why he should choose your channel from this niche. Think about your strengths and weaknesses, what makes you unique and how valuable it is.

Start promoting right away

The mistake most beginners make is to hope that they can reach a large audience without asking someone for help. Unfortunately, due to the fact that there are a huge number of creators on the platform now, it is impossible for beginners to advance without outside help.

We recommend that you contact Viplikes and buy YouTube subscribers there to get your first viewers as soon as possible. At the moment, this is the most effective method of promotion because it guarantees a rapid increase in the audience and makes it possible to immediately start working with it.

It is necessary to think about promotion in the early stages of work, because if you procrastinate, you will spend too much time working on the channel without viewers. As a rule, the most interesting ideas come to mind in the first months of work and it will be sad to share them on an empty channel.

Content plan

In order for your work to be well organized and follow a certain plan, you need to prescribe the content that you will publish during the month. This is not so easy to do because before that you need to study your audience and competitors and understand what works and what does not.

Look through the channels of 5-7 competitors (those who make videos on your or similar topics) and pay attention to the most popular and most unpopular videos. Analyze what viewers like and what content engages them the most. This will help you learn from the mistakes of others and make your own less.

Also, pay attention to what questions users most often ask and what they ask to be published. You can ask your viewers this in the future and read the comments on your videos, but first learn how your competitors are doing.

Shooting and editing

This is an important process that needs to be taken as seriously as possible. Focus on the first 15-20 seconds and add interesting editing transitions there and create intrigue. This is necessary so that the user does not leave the video immediately. Most people see that the first few seconds of the video are uninteresting and close the tab.

Don’t forget to make hints with links to your previous videos. This will help you get more views even on old content, and help viewers understand the topic more deeply.

At the end or in the course of the story, tell us what you plan to publish in the future. You need to warm up the audience and encourage them to wait for your new releases. If you interest the viewers in advance, they will put notifications on your updates and will wait for a new video.

It should be noted that the quality of the content must be high. This can be achieved by using good equipment (camera and microphone), as well as the right lighting. The picture should not be dark and you should be clearly visible.

Also, make sure that you have a nice looking background. When a person shoots a video with scattered clothes and a dirty floor in the background, viewers are pleased to look at it. You can choose a beautiful location in your home or shoot outdoors/in a studio.

It is important that there is no audio interference during the video. If you are shooting on the street, then it may be passing cars or people making noise. It is very uncomfortable to watch a video where, in addition to the voice of the author, something else is heard. Choose a quiet place and if there is still interference, then cut it out during editing.

After publication

Once you’ve posted a video, you need to do your best to get as many views as possible. To do this, you can send it to all your friends and ask them to do the same. Naturally, you should also use the promotion methods we talked about earlier.

Do not forget that you have accounts in social networks where you can leave a link to your video. Write announcements, publish a short part of the video and interest people. Constantly remind them that you are a video maker and that you often post something there.


Don’t be afraid to go to the huge video hosting in 2023. The competition is certainly high, but you can succeed if you work hard and go for your goal. Shoot high-quality content, study the needs of your viewers and work on promotion.

Most beginners choose the wrong strategy and quickly lose motivation. If you are serious about channel development and income generation, then you will be able to properly plan your activities and succeed.

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