PeopleTools ATT: A Complete Guide

PeopleTools ATT (Application Technology Tools)

PeopleTools ATT is the foundational platform and toolset for all PeopleSoft applications, delivering simplicity, improved Productivity, and cost-efficiency.

What is PeopleTools ATT?

PeopleTools ATT (Application Technology Tools) is a complete suite of software tools delivered by Oracle Corporation. These tools are created to improve the development, customization, and management of applications created on Oracle’s PeopleSoft platform1. PeopleTools ATT can be utilized for both on-premise and cloud-based installations, making it straightforward to integrate with your current systems2. PeopleTools ATT is consistent with various operating systems, databases, web servers, and browsers, providing high performance and trustworthiness.

Some of the key abilities enabled by PeopleTools ATT include:

  • Creating new components like menus, pages, and application messages
  •  Changing and extending existing components
  •  Writing business logic operating PeopleCode
  •  Administration, optimization, and troubleshooting
  •  Integration with other systems
  •  Deploying differences across environments

How does People Tools ATT Work?

Users can begin new projects, manage time manage ongoing projects, and resources, assign tasks,and convey with team members after logging into PeopleTools AT. To have a better picture of how projects are accomplished, metrics may be analyzed and reports can be monitored. Task design, assignment, and management are facilitated by its project management application.

Utilizing PeopleTools ATT businesses may grow and modify PeopleSoft applications to meet their special needs. With this versatility, one may develop new techniques, add tables, add custom fields, adjust data access, and innovation displays, among many other things.

Installing and Configuring PeopleTools ATT

Before ATT elements can be utilized to develop and manage PeopleSoft systems, the PeopleTools software must be appropriately installed and configured.

The high-level steps are outlined beneath:

Step 1: Install Requirements

The PeopleTools installation demands:

  • Supported Operating System
  •  Supported RDBMS like Oracle, DB2, etc.
  •  Minimum hardware needs to be met.

Guide to the installation guide for your specific PeopleSoft release to select the requirements.

Step 2: Obtain PeopleTools Image

  • Download the PeopleTools image files for your release from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.
  •  Extract the zip files to a local directory on the server.

Step 3: Run PeopleTools Setup

  • Begin the PeopleTools setup to launch the installation wizard.
  •  Set configuration parameters like installation location, database type, etc.
  •  Install any needed PeopleTools patches.

Step 4: Create PeopleTools Database

  • Set up the PeopleTools database utilizing configuration scripts.
  •  Run SQL scripts to create indexes, tables, etc.

Step 5: Configure PeopleTools Domain

  • Utilize the PSADMIN utility to create an application server domain.
  •  Specify elements for the web server, application server, Process Scheduler, etc.
  •  Make sure the configuration is completely functional.

Once the installation and domain creation steps are finished, developers, administrators, and users can leverage the PeopleTools ATT features. The application will be further improved over time by customizing current components and building new elements.

Next, review some instance usage scenarios for the key ATT components.

Usage Scenarios for PeopleTools ATT

Here are some typical use cases and instances to indicate how the various PeopleTools ATT features can be applied:

Application Designer Usage

  • New Component Development – Design new application pages, messages, menus, etc. to boost system functionality
  •  Customization – Change existing pages by adding, altering fields, removing, layouts, etc.
  •  Upgrade Service – Utilize compare features to identify differences between old and new releases.

PeopleCode Usage

  • Input Validation – Confirm data quality by adding edit reviews in PeopleCode
  •  Business Logic – Conduct complex computations and data manipulation for transactions.
  •  Application Integration – Gather web services from PeopleCode to exchange data with external systems
  •  Dynamic Processing – Change application behavior based on run-time data values.

Application Engine Usage

  • Data Conversion – Relocate data from a legacy system into the PeopleSoft database
  •  Data Interfaces – Load data files from source systems operating file layout definitions
  •  Scheduled Processes – Execute batch jobs like information generation at defined intervals
  •  Transaction Cleanup – Clear outdated records by designing cleanup procedures.

Integration Broker Usage

  • B2B Integration – Exchange data with partners by posting and consuming web services
  •  Event-Driven Processing – Trigger business events on transaction milestones
  •  Legacy Connectivity – Utilize JMS to interface with legacy applications
  •  Data Replication – Keep databases in sync by setting up message cues

PeopleTools Utilities Usage

  • Query – Develop SQL questions to analyze operational data
  •  Data Mover – Relocate application customizations across instances
  •  Process Scheduler – Plan and monitor ETL jobs
  •  Security – Set up user access profiles aligned with the safety policy

This summarizes some specific scenarios where PeopleTools ATT features are leveraged to support application development, integration, administration, reporting, and analytics.

Advantages of PeopleTools

Improving operational efficiency is only one of the many advantages of utilizing human resources as a tool. People Tools presents a wide range of tools and features that simplify the procedure of developing and maintaining applications, release a large amount of labor-intensive work, and protect critical resources.

  • Customized Individualization: Through the usage of PeopleTools, organizations may fast adapt PeopleSoft applications to fulfill their unique needs and specifications.
  •  Together: Utilizing the procedure of connecting external corporate systems and data sources with PeopleSoft applications, PeopleTools confirms that businesses have a complete and present understanding of their data and operations.
  •  A rise in production: People Tools ATT efficiently improves overall productivity by automating labor-intensive procedures and streamlining workflows. Therefore, individuals inside the business may now concentrate their attention on more critical tasks, which may foster higher levels of creativity.
  •  Enhanced Data Accuracy: The complete reporting and analytics features delivered by Individual Instruments (ATT) confirm that data quality and integrity are maintained. By using reliable information, exceptional decision-makers may improve their decision-making processes.
  •  Minimizing costs: Individual Instruments’ ATT allows businesses to save on operating expenses by allocating resources more efficiently and streamlining procedures. It improves efficiency and eliminates wasteful spending by finding areas that may be enhanced.
  •  Enhanced Productivity: More elevated productivity is the outcome of more useful and efficient corporate operations. Also, faster completion of tasks by employees enhances financial results.
  •  Ability to scale: PeopleTools AT’s scalability and flexibility to adjust to shifting organizational needs make it a stable enterprise application management solution.
  •  Safeguarding Measures: PeopleTools employs strict access management systems and safety controls to ensure the security of sensitive data  and restrict information access to only authorized individuals. All things regarded, PeopleTools delivers an extensive and adjustable technology foundation that allows companies manage their PeopleSoft procedures and applications.
  •  Increased productivity: People Tools delivers a range of tools and features that speed up the creation and upkeep of applications, automate a fantastic deal of tedious work, and save significant time. Using PeopleTools, organizations may easily and successfully adjust PeopleSoft systems to match their unique requirements and objectives.
  •  Scalability: People Tools may grow and change to meet the ever-changing demands of a business since it is an industry application management system. People Tools uses strict access management and safety controls to guarantee that confidential data is saved and that only authorized individuals are given access to the data they require.

Is Peopletools ATT Platform Free?

People would be capable to get access to this platform efficiently and they would be able to record, store, and organize the data. The users can efficiently track the details of the employees whenever they like to see the report. If the user desires to get information in detail then they may employ analytical reports. Most of the users are utilizing this platform to automate HR functions and even they can make their own workflows according to the companies. The companies can make an account on this software for free and can get access to the tools open on ATT PeopleTools. Firstly, the user has to register on this platform before starting the use of the site. When the user has made an account on this platform then they would be capable to access the data of the employees and operate easily on this platform. 


For companies examining to streamline operations and improve productivity, PeopleTools ATT is a full answer. It allows organisations to make data-driven decisions and stay competitive thanks to its user-friendly interface, sophisticated reporting, workflow automation, and integration options. Release the power of PeopleTools ATT to enhance your business procedures and propel your organisation forward.

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