Want Your W2 From Walmart? Complete Guide How To Get It

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So tax season is here again, and you require your W2 from your former or present employer, Walmart, to file your taxes. As one of the biggest companies in the U.S. with over 2 million workers, Walmart has a procedure in place to deliver current and past employees their annual W2 wage and tax statement forms. Don’t worry, getting your Walmart W2 is pretty straightforward if you learn the steps. In this article, we’ll walk you via exactly how to get your W2 from Walmart, whether you still work there or quit the company years ago. By the end of this principle, you’ll have your W2 in hand and be prepared to file your taxes accurately and on time. Let’s get begun!

What Is a W2 Form and Why Do You Need It From Walmart?

So you operated at Walmart last year and now tax season is here. To file your taxes, you’ll require some important forms from your former employer, including the W2.

What exactly is a W2 form?

A W2 form, also understood as a Pay and Tax Statement, indicates how much you earned and the taxes withheld from your pay over the year. Walmart is needed by law to deliver you with an exact W2 form for your tax records and filing.

To obtain your W2 from Walmart, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Review your mail in January. Walmart will mail W2 forms to employees’ home addresses before January 31st. If you’ve driven recently, log into Walmart’s employee website and update your private details with your existing mailing address.
  2. Examine for it on Walmart’s employee website. You may be capable to access an electronic version of your W2 on Walmart’s employee portal. The website address and login info can be encountered on past paystubs.
  3. Contact Walmart’s payroll division. If you haven’t acquired your W2 by mid-February, call Walmart’s payroll helpline and ask a copy. They can mail out a alternate or recommend on the next steps to get one.
  4. As a final resort, you may be required to request an IRS Wage and Income Transcript. This transcript does the same intent as the W2. You can ask one on the IRS website, by phone, or by filling out Form 4506-T.

The W2 from Walmart includes significant tax information, so make sure you get one for your records and to file your taxes correctly. Let Walmart’s payroll department understand right away if there are any mistakes on your W2 so they can issue a fixed form. Following these steps will guarantee you have a smooth tax filing experience.

Now you’re willing to use your Walmart W2 to file your taxes. Whether you file online utilizing tax prep software, work with an accountant or tax expert, or fill out paper tax forms, be certain to include all the details from your W2 accurately.

Following these steps will guarantee you get your Walmart W2 promptly and are able to file full and correct tax returns. If at any point you run into problems accessing or downloading your W2, don’t pause to contact Walmart’s Payroll Department for assistance. They’re there to help you and make sure you have everything you require.

Asking Your Walmart W2 by Mail as a Former Employee

To ask for your W2 from Walmart as a former employee, obey these steps:

As an ex-employee of Walmart, you’ll be required to ask for your W2 tax form to utilize when filing your taxes. Don’t stress, it’s a short procedure to obtain your W2 whether you require it mailed or choose an electronic copy.

Appeal by Mail

If you like your W2 mailed to you, contact the Walmart Associate Information Line at 1-800-421-1362. Supply details like your name, social security number, store location, and the years you were employed. Walmart will verify your details and mail your W2 to the address you deliver within 7 to 14 business days.

Make certain you allow sufficient time for your W2 to reach before the tax filing deadline. Once obtained, double-check that all the components on your W2, such as your name, social security number, earnings, and taxes withheld are correct before using it to file your taxes. If anything looks wrong, contact Walmart right away to ask a correction.

To ask a replacement or reissued W2, you’ll require to provide a signed appeal in writing to:

Be confident to include elements like your full name, dates of employment, social security number, store location, and the cause you’re requesting a reissued W2. Walmart desires to process these requests within 2 weeks, so schedule ahead if you require your W2 reissued.

Whether selecting electronic or mail delivery of your Walmart W2, the essential thing is allowing enough time to receive it and ensuring all details are accurate before filing your taxes. Let Walmart know straight away if you have any problems obtaining or updating your W2.

How to Obtain Your Walmart W2 Online as an Existing Employee

As an existing employee of Walmart, you can access your W2 tax forms online via Walmart One, Walmart’s employee portal. Here are the steps to obtain your W2:

To log in to Walmart One, you’ll require your WIN (Walmart Identification Number) and password. Once logged in, hover over the “Payment” menu and choose “W2 Tax Form”.

Your W2 will unlock as a PDF. Double-check that all the details like your name, Social Security number, address, and earnings are accurate. If everything looks good, you can print or download the PDF to your computer.

If there are any mistakes on your W2, contact the Payroll Department straight away. They can re-issue a fixed W2 with the proper details. The details on your W2 must match what you report on your tax recovery.

Solving Issues Getting Your W2 From Walmart

If you run into problems obtaining your W2 from Walmart, don’t worry, there are a few steps you can take to Solve and get your tax documents.

Review Your Mail and Online Account

First, double-check that your W2 isn’t already on the way or open to download. Form W2s are mailed out by January 31st each year. It can take up to a week for it to arrive, so give it until at least the second week of February before concerning. You should also log into Walmart’s associate website where you’ll see your paystubs and tax details. Your electronic W2 may already be posted there willing to download and print.

Contact the Walmart Associate Hotline

If after a pair of weeks, you still haven’t obtained your W2 in the mail or online, Call Walmart’s associate support hotline. Let the associate know you have not yet acquired your W2 for the previous tax year. They should be capable to look into the problem, verify your current mailing address on file, and potentially issuing you a reprint of the form. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help determine these sorts of issues.

File for an Extension

In the doubtful event, Walmart is incapable to issue your W2 promptly, you may be required to file for an automatic tax extension with the IRS to bypass potential penalties. Filing for an extension provides you until October 15th to submit your tax recovery. You will still be required to calculate your tax liability for the previous year and pay any amount due. Then, once you obtain your W2, you can submit your final tax recovery.

Contact the IRS

If all else falls and you do not obtain your W2 by the vast October deadline, you may require to reach the IRS directly. Furnish details about your tries to get the issue fixed with Walmart to date. The IRS can operate with Walmart on your behalf to track down the lost W2. They can also potentially assist in determining alternative methods to report your payment if Walmart is incapable of issuing a replacement W2. The IRS should be a complete last resort, so make every step to work with Walmart first before reaching them.

Where I Can Encounter EIN On My Walmart W-2?

To find your Walmart Employee Identification Number (EIN) on your W-2 tax form, here are the actions:

Review Box B on Your W-2

On your W-2 form, examine for Box B, titled “Employer’s identification number.” This box will include your 9-digit EIN, also comprehended as your tax ID number. Walmart’s EIN is 71-0415188. Your personal EIN will be distinct and special to you as an employee.

Why Do You Require Your EIN?

Your EIN is necessary for tax filing purposes, as the IRS utilizes it to identify your W-2 and confirm your employer (Walmart) submits a real wage and tax statement. You will be required to provide your EIN when filing your tax recoveries or enrolling in employee advantages.

How to Obtain Your W-2 if You Can’t Find It

If for some cause you can’t find or access your W-2, don’t worry. There are a few methods to get a replacement:

  • Log in to one.walmart.com, the employee portal, and access your payment statements. Your W-2 will be open for download here, generally by the end of January.
  • Reach your local Walmart store and talk to someone in personnel or payroll. Provide your address, name, Social Security number and they can issue you a reprint of your W-2.
  • As a final resort, you may need to contact the IRS directly to ask for an IRS Wage and Income Transcript. This will deliver you with the elements from your W-2 so you can file your taxes. You can ask for a transcript on the IRS website, by phone, by mail, or in person. Be prepared to verify your identity.

Following these steps, you should be capable to fast locate your EIN on your W-2 form or get a replacement if needed. Let me know if you have any other queries!


So that’s it. You’re all set with how to obtain your W2 from Walmart. It’s not too difficult but following the right steps will guarantee you have the essential tax documentation in hand come tax season. Whether you’re still engaged with Walmart or have carried on to bigger and better things, accessing your tax forms is important for staying on the correct side of the IRS. Now you can rest comfortably knowing exactly how to get your W2 and avoid any undesirable penalties or problems. Take care of this small but significant task and then get back to more thrilling things – like scheduling your next vacation. The opportunities are unlimited once you have ease of mind about your taxes.

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